• 20″ American Tactical ™ Lights (compare to 12″)
  • Pencil Thin 12mm Outer Diameter Fits Without Locking Bolt Obstruction (Thinnest Lights In the Industry)
  • Jeweler Tube Allows Angle Adjustments (flat designs and flex strips shine towards the door)
  • Each Light Is Wired Independently with Humidity Resistant Male/Female Plugs (hardwired designs restrict light placement)


  • 525 Lumens Flux Per Light (See Spectrum Graph)
  • 6500k Cool White L.E.D.’s (See Spectrum Graph)
  • Jeweler Tubes Are Made With Optical-Grade Polycarbonate
  • Lights Are Shipped With Peel-Protective Film (Scratches Reduce Brightness)
  • Lifetime Warranty


Designed to power (8) American Tactical Lights™, the A/C Power Adapter can be plugged into an existing 110v outlet. Plug diameter is 3/8″ and has a 2ft cord. UL Listed for Reliability & Safety.


Designed for safes without access to A/C Power. The AA Battery Base can be used to power (8) American Tactical Lights™, without sacrificing brightness, using only 8 AA Batteries.


Our Shadow Sensor™ Door Switch detects your movement in total darkness. It specifically targets those aiming for a professional install while maintaining the military’s KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) for a tool free, Do-It-Yourself installation.

The sensor has been programmed with a 2 minute delay, before powering off the lights automatically, when no motion is detected. Specially tuned to provide optimal battery life in our D/C Battery Powered kits.